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BERAS International works to futher the development and communications through the 3 concepts - Diet for a green planet, sustainable food systems and societies and organic regenerative agriculture. We are grateful for any gift donations received to help achieve this and give our thanks to those who do.

Please donate the amount of your choosing using one of the following methods below:



PG 74 04 84 - 1

Swish 123 625 76 95 eller QR-kod 

BG 5166-2575


IBAN SE8095000099602607404841


Donation message

We would love to hear from those who donate or if you have any questions, please send us a message below. 

Thank you for your donation and message!

Image by Markus Spiske

Donations will be used according to the purpose in the Foundation's ordinance:


The foundation shall engage in research, development, education, implementation and communication of results and practical examples within the area of ecological recycling agriculture, sustainable food societies and sustainable food concepts. Through secretariat functions it is also an objective to coordinate networks and initiatives and to participate in other relevant networks.

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