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  •  Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Diet for a Green Planet Managing Transformations in the Food System course at Novia University for Applied Sciences (=Novia UAS).  Your contribution as a student is important and we are enthused about what you can contribute by completing the course. However - before both you and we put significant time and energy into your participation, we want to make sure that you are ready for the effort of completing the whole course.

  • To the extent we are able, we're happy to offer financial aid for you who desire to increase your capacity as a cultural change-agent in the food system and whose financial constraints would otherwise prevent you from participating in the program. 

  • The cost of the course is a total of 200 EUR that is paid to Novia UAS as a registration fee. The registration will give you access to all the courses that are offered at Novia UAS and also among other things the MS Office package as long as you are registered. In assessing the amount of aid, we aim for fairness and balance on all sides. We are an international program, so we make our assessments in that worldwide context. The form of aid we offer at this stage is that you send your Novia invoice to us - and we pay it for you. Thereby the aid will be either 100 or 200 EUR. 

Financial Aid Application Form
Image by Markus Spiske



So that we can determine your timezone for the sake of calls and place you relative to others in the network.

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